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33 Years of Adventure

As we celebrated our anniversary yesterday, we recalled the day we got married. It was December 27, 1983, and we decided on Christmas day to get married. Yes, we had just two days to prepare our families and get everything in order.

December of 1983 proved to be record-setting in the weather department. Average highs were in the teens for the month and we had our share of ice and snow. It was a winter that we don’t see in Dallas on a regular basis.

At that time, you didn’t have to get your marriage license in advance. You could get it the same day you intended to marry. Inevitably, we had to make a run to the courthouse in Denton to get our license. This was on Tuesday, and we were getting married that night!

momanddadWith ice still on some roadways and the temperatures frigid, we were braving the elements. On the way back to Lewisville, we did a complete 360 degree spin in the middle of the road in Denton. Who knew that this would be a foreshadowing of things to come?

Marriage has been full of twists and turns. There have been moments where we have felt as if we were spinning out of control and not really knowing what direction we would end up. As a result, we’ve had to learn how to straighten the wheel to make sure we’re pointed back in the right direction. It’s during these times, we have to seek God more than ever. What is He teaching or what is He purposing?

We’ve had good times and we’ve had bad times, challenging times and rewarding times. We’ve shared a lot of laughter, but also a lot of tears. I can honestly say that marriage has simply gotten sweeter and sweeter as the years have passed.

One of our dear church members was asked as he was celebrating his 50th anniversary what it took to make marriage work. His reply was, “You have to learn to give an apology and you have to be able to receive an apology.” I believe he is right! It takes some give and take by both spouses.

As we counsel people on marriage, we’re always pretty straight forward with them. Marriage is tough. Anyone who has been married for any length of time knows how true this is. There have been times in my own marriage where I’ve wanted to walk away. I am pretty sure my husband would say the same thing. Life gets difficult, but you have to fight hard for those things that are important. My marriage and family have been worth fighting for and the rewards are great

Let me encourage you, if you are struggling or feel as if there is a mountain you can’t overcome: press on, seek counsel, ask for help. You can’t do it by yourself.

In Mark 4:39, Jesus said “Peace, be still” and He calmed the storm.

You see, there was a storm that caught some guys by surprise as they were out on the water. However, Jesus was asleep and they became afraid because the storm was overtaking them. They woke Jesus up in fear, but He commanded the winds and the waves to be still. Their response was obedience to Him.

As the storms of life arise, Jesus is there. He can calm even the worst of the storms.

  1. Recognize the storm.
  2. Ask God for help and wisdom.
  3. Trust Him.
  4. Seek counsel.

There are always resources available. Please don’t ever be afraid or ashamed to ask!






One thought on “33 Years of Adventure

  1. Michelle, I just read this a second time, read to Barry. I cried as I read this because you know there is at least one woman reading this that needed to hear this. I feel like a proud mama! I am proud of how GOD is using you and look so forward to seeing what HE brings to your heart next. Love you my sister in Christ and dear friend! Shelly


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