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It was bound to happen…

It was bound to happen!  After much deliberation I decided to switch from the android to the iPhone.  I sought the counsel of many experts, you know, the younger generation.  My kids all advised me that I would surely love the iPhone.

It’s been three days and they may be regretting their recommendation.  I admit that it’s not a lot different, but there is some really cool stuff that comes with it. Like Facetime!  After I realized that I could do that I had to make a call to my daughter. It was kind of funny when I heard in the background, “Well…she found Facetime.”

Did you know that you can draw a picture or send balloons and confetti?!  I’m hoping that when I text  my precious loved ones  they have as much joy reading what I sent as I had while writing (or should I say drawing?) it. I mean, look at this masterpiece below!


Oh, I almost forgot, the emojis are amazing!  There are so many and I love that.  One day my daughter and I were talking and she asked me why I used so many emojis.  I told her that they convey my heart.  When you’re talking through text isn’t it great to smile at someone or show them a happy heart because you’re swimming with dolphins?  I’m just saying…

What is your favorite iPhone feature?!



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