I am extremely ordinary. Like you, I am often challenged and have had quite a few battles in this temporary life. Regardless of circumstances, I am beyond blessed and a woman saved by divine grace.

My husband of 33 years and I have had the privilege of raising two beautiful children who we are so proud of and we’ve been blessed with a terrific son-in-law.

I am a mom, an office manager, pastor’s wife and cancer survivor. Life has certainly not been boring.

My life’s motto is “if this is the worst thing that happens, then we’ll be ok”. We have lived this over and over with some of the challenges that have come our way. Through each experience I have learned to trust Romans 8:28, God is working things out for my good. This verse doesn’t guarantee an easy life, but it does remind me of whose hands hold mine. Nothing catches God by surprise and I know that even in the hardest of times, He is at work.

My goal is to glorify God when I’m on the mountain and feeling pretty grand, and when I’m in the valley and struggling to find Him.

Throughout this temporary journey that I’m traveling there have been many rest stops where I’ve found priceless gems. I’m excited to share some of these with you. Even if it’s only two of you. This site is a place for me to share true stories, devotions, encouragement, things that may make you laugh and then things that may make you cry.  The desire of my heart is to see God glorified and to connect with people through the precious gems he has entrusted me to share.

With Love,